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[求助] Which is your favorite Designer of Women's Shoes and

Which is your favorite Designer of Women's Shoes and,Cheap Nike Free Runs9 h6 k3 u9 I0 X5 b! D4 y
Designer Handbags and Shoes could never be completely explored. As more designers continue to emerge from the ranks, and dazzle us with incredible styles and concepts, this lens can grow infinitely. We'd like to invite you to learn about the hottest high-end designers and the promising newbies. While following the ever changing trends of these closely related industries, we will keep you current and totally informed. The bootie in the photo to the left, is by the leader of the pack, Christian Louboutin. It is made of suede and cowhide, and is simply beautiful. Louboutin's avant-garde designs continue to make headlines world-wide. Our aim pure and simple, is to provide you with the best info about your favorite designers and the styles they are producing. We will also introduce to you, amazing new trend-setters on the horizon. We will keep you informed about excellent deals on "must have", merchandise at great savings, whenever possible. Gucci, Chanel, Vuitton, Dolce, Choo, Zanotti, Valentino, Atwood, Rossi, Chloe, Blahnik, Fendi, YSL, McCartney, Pliner, Hermes, Ferragamo, Prada, Lauren, Castillo, Birman, Louboutin, McQueen, Dior, Mui Mui, Alaia, are some of designers we will ultimately feature, and share our product knowlegde with you! We will be bringing you products from these and others, going forward! So please tell us your favorite designer and why. Perhaps many of us will learn from your fashion sense, and help improve our lens.8 x# _+ b/ _* _
I would be remiss, if I didn't first speak to the extrordinary rise of Christian Louboutin as the undisputed leader of the designer women's shoes industry. His surge forward started in 2008 when he secured a patent in the USA, for the unmistakeable "red-bottoms shoes", as they have euphemistically become known. Louboutin, has changed the womens' shoes industry forever. Having met Mr. Louboutin on two occassions, he shared the quick version of his incredible journey to the pinnacle of the industry. At the tender age of twelve,Cheap Nike Free Run 2, (think I was playing with marbles at twelve) he had already known that he wanted to design shoes for show-girls. He indicated he'd often sneak out of the house at night and watch them dance. You may imagine, he was just sixteen when he began an apprenticeship at a shoe factory, in his hometown of Paris, France. He reflects, that he became inspired to design high-heeled shoes for women, when he visited a museum that had a sign forbidding women from entering while wearing high-heeled shoes. As the story goes, one day he watched as his assistant applied red nail-polish to her hands and he envisioned the red soles that would inevitably become his signature. (photo by EarnLat)
- N# \- c- ~3 l# ]; tLouboutin is changing the way many of these design houses are marketing their merchandise going forward. For years he has minimized the quantity of production associated with some of the trendy styles, and even some of the classic designs, creating higher demand. This maneuver also supports an environment of exclusivity for these styles. This is the main reason why the styles sell-out so rapidly. He will later revisit the design, and regain a market for them. I've heard, during the medieval times, "blue-bloods", would have their subjects wear their shoes to break them in. Subsequently, the comfort level was immediately established for the royals. You can save significantly, by channeling your royal spirit! Have your high-end designer shoes "broken-in", before you wear them!! Ebay, is a great way to find these totally desirable women's shoes. Every closet must have at least one Christian Louboutin (red-buttoms) pair of shoes. You will find that some of the shoes were purchased and have never been worn, while others have been pre-owned and prepared for your comfort. I was never very active on ebay, but I have bought and sold items over the years. So please follow these easy tips and you'll enjoy your experience. Always check the amount of positive feedback a seller has accumulated, work with a seller that has nothing less than a 99.5% rating. Also ensure that the seller has sold lots of merchandise. You can learn that from the number next to their "handle" (name/tag). All serious "Ebayers", will always want to maintain their flawless transaction history. The more sales they have made, the better. Read all the terms and conditions, specifically regarding the amount of time you have to return the item, should you need to exercise that option. There are lots of great deals on Ebay for Christian Louboutin, and if you follow these tips, one of them has your name on it!
, z% \9 r: T9 ?' j, k2 B: FWhen we think of Christian Louboutin, we think of those fabulous red-bottoms. However, the handbags that will compliment those great heels are also in production. Yes they are pricey, and also extremely high-quality! This is a great time to find a bag at incredible savings. I know what you're asking yourself, "can I afford a Louboutin Handbag"? Well, if you followed the instructions that we shared regarding the shoes on ebay, take that same safe, secure, tried and tested information and find yourself a "loubie" handbag too!!
" j2 {. {' l1 C0 |If I ask people if they are familiar with Gucci , most would answer, of course.& s9 E! ^) X4 {! ]$ Y9 a) C
Many folks can identify the logo, " double Gs" of the beautiful Gucci brand. The cool medallions on shoes and hangbags, the prints on apparell. Gucci, or The House of Gucci, has been producing beautiful leather products for over a century. The red/green signature colors of the brand, also go way back in the company's history. The very first thing that comes to mind for me, is the classic Gucci loafer, made for both women and men.
; P& l' S& m' j: o# iThe Gucci Group was taken over by PPR. They also handle other fabulous and recognizable brands. Some of those brands include, but are not limited to; McQueen, Rossi, Brioni, YSL, McCartney. In the world of high-end designer women's leather products,Cheap Nike Free Run 3, this is a formidable stable of Designer products. photo by EarnLat
$ m- h" V5 ], I& KWith boot season just around the corner, we can always count on Gucci for some really styish and comfortable flat, as well as heeled boots.
0 L( B( ]2 T1 @7 b' q. H' S& hThe shoes and handbags of Valentino, are some of the most beautiful designs in the their respective industries. The truth of the matter is the fashion house is equally known for their remarkable clothing designs as well. Just over a half century old, the fashion house sold for over three-hundred million dollars in the late 1990s. In the ensuing years, it has changed hands at least one more time.
5 x* l# Y0 w' N( Z; L6 R* tAlways a very dainty and delicate look, using lots of lace and bright beautiful colors, this brand has simply lovely traditions. The incredibly awesome d'Orsay pumps of Valentino have always been a "must have", item in every closet. The d'Orsay pump has the sides cut out showing more of the arch in the foot. It is a very sexy look!$ X7 b, l, a6 V# q7 Q
Valentino Garavini at nearly eighty years of age, retired back in 2007. However, his beautiful designs and wonderful fashion sense shall live on forever!!
: E! A9 P/ u8 V  u! WJimmy Choo is a relative new-comer in the field of high-end leather products for women. The company was founded in the mid 1980s, and has forged it's way to the upper echelons of the high-end designer handbag and women's shoes industries. Choo is of Chinese decent, although born in Malaysia. He is from a family of shoe-makers. Much like Christian Louboutin, he had already known he'd be designing shoes by the time he was just eleven years of age.; o; u3 R  {  ?+ L6 j3 _3 A
I was first introduced to the designs back in the early 1990s, and learned he'd been crafting shoes for members of the Bristish royal family. In the late 1990s, the sitcom "Sex in the City", helped this brand and a few others soar in terms of name recognition, popularity, and at the retail shops.
5 M5 A: a  e: _Jimmy Choo shoes and handbags are beautiful additions to any woman's closet. When I think of this brand, beautiful colors, exotic skins and great quality come to mind. It is by all accounts a comfortable shoe and consistent with sizing.
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